NANOIMPLANT dia 2,0 mm

Within the frame of solution of the project FP7 under the acronym ViNaT, fully supported by the European Union, new prototype of dental implant was developed and manufactured from nano-structural titanium under the preliminary name VINAT. On the basis of our requirement the team of specialists on application of the technology "SPD ECAP Conform" from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, under the management of professor R.Z. Valiev, developed bulk titanium material with ultra fine structure containing 99% titanium, the strength parameters of which (ultimate strength 1350MPa) enabled design of thin dental implant with diameter of 2.0 mm. This implant serves as fully functional pillar and it can be inserted into very thin bones - see Figures.

The first implant VINAT was applied by MUDr. Michal Brückner (B&Bdent s.r.o., Frýdek Místek, Czech Republic) on 4th July 2013 to a 19-year old man after orthodontic therapy at position 22 (tooth number 2 on the top left). After that a Nanoimplant implant with diameter of 2.4 mm was applied at position 12 (tooth number 2 on the top right). Temporary crowns were applied immediately after this (photos of crowns were taken 4 days later).


After six weeks (25.8.2013) was fixed final metalceramic crowns.

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  • DETAIL of 2.0 a 2,4 mm implants
  • RVG
  • OPG before
  • RVG
  • Detail after
  • After operation
  • Impression model
  • Provisional crowns
  • OPG after
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