Universal Telescopic Distractor

The Universal Telescopic Distractor Timplant® was developed in cooperation with the Stomatological Clinic and the MFS department in Pilsen. It is a single use surgical device for controlled bone movement and shape changes of bone, mainly in alveolar deficiencies, where an enlargement of bone volume for dental implant placement is needed.

For distraction an either complete or incomplete osteotomy is to be made - usually perpendicular to the distraction vector.

Using any osteosynthesis miniplate the distraction device is attached to both bony fragments, the fixed end of the distractor to one side and the other fragment to the movable part of the distractor. Turning the distraction screw head counterclockwise activates the device and results in bone lengthening, spreading or displacement.
Gradual distraction forms a gap between the bony fragments in which new formed bone callus is growing. The average distraction rate is about 0,5 to 1,0 mm per day. It is recommended to wait for a period of 5 to 7 days before starting the distraction for reasonable soft tissue recovery. The distraction should not exceed 1mm per day (3 turns counterclockwise, 1 turn is 0,35 mm lengthening).

The maximum distraction for D3.5/10 is 10 mm and for D4.0/15 it is 15 mm.
After having achieved the desired position or lengthening a consolidation of the new formed bone is necessary. This retention period lasts usually about 6 to 8 weeks. For a successful dental implant insertion a maturation of bone during the next 6 month is recommended.

The Universal Telescopic Distractor Timplant® is delivered in a stainless steel autoclavable case. The versatility of the device is free changeable only by selecting the appropriate miniplate shape according to the intended localization and planed surgery. It is possible to attach various types of 2.0 or 1,5 miniplates ant thickness up from 0,9 mm - not manufacturer dependent - on the bottom side with the screw attachment and on the distraction body using the screw attachment with the sleeve assembly.
The 3D orientation of the attached plates is free and easy adjustable simply by tightening the nut in the selected position.

This feature makes the use of the Universal Telescopic Distractor Timplant® a really flexible and cost effective choice for ostoedistraction.It is possible to use it in both the upper and lower jaw, and also in midface distractions.The telescopic construction eliminates possible empty spaces around the device and minimizes possible soft tissues irritation.

The only needed special instrument is the distraction wrench, which is used per operational assembly as well as for the distraction itself. The wrench is delivered in a stainless steel autoclavable case.

Of advantage is the possibility of temporary removal of the distraction rod during surgery (Facilitating the osteotomy etc.), simply by loosing both plate connections. The plates remain in place and the reattachment of the device is quick and easy. Also the adjustment of the distraction vector is easy to do without changing the plate's position.


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