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NANOIMPLANT - First In The World

New materials for dental substitutes are developed to meet better requirements especially for medical applications. Nanostructural titanium is a perspective material for these purposes. nTi is bio inert, just like conventional commercial pure titanium (cpTi), it contains neither even potentially toxic nor allergenetic additives and has significantly higher specific strength properties than any other material used for dental implants.Cylindric threaded screw implants Timplant® Nanoimplant® were made-up from nTi having a diameter 2.4 mm and length of the intraosseal part 12 mm. Immediately after inserting three Nanoimplants to frontal segment of patient´s lower jaw, they were treated with provisional fixed bridge frame. During the early postoperative period and early loading no complication were noticed. It is the first application of the nTi dental implant in the world reported.

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